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Toothbrush Toy, Interactive and Durable Rubber Puppy Chew Toys with Rope, Dog Dental Care Brushing Stick Bone for Teeth Cleaning and Playing

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  • This rubber dog chew toy with different molar bumps on its body for better grasp or biting, which helps effectively clean teeth calculus and dirt on the molar and deeply remove the plaque to maintain fresh breath and dental health and reduces destructive chewing behaviour while keeping it engaged in playing and chewing.
  • A cotton braided rope is added to the dog toothbrush chew toy so that you can hold it to enjoy fun time of playing games of fetch and tug of war with your dog, which increases interaction between you and your furry friends, enables to burn excessive energy through more exercise and keep a closer companionship.
  • Made of soft TPR rubber and hard nylon that is tear and bite resistant, yet prevent hurt to your dog’s gums, dog toothbrush, this dog tooth brush is safe and durable for dog’s chewing, biting, playing and tugging.