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Dog Food Toys Pet Tug Toy Dogs Push Ball Pet Leakage Slow Feeder Tooth Cleaning Puppy Funny Eating Cup

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Our dog leash can effectively help your dog release excess energy, relieve anxiety and tension, and make your dog's life more fulfilling.
  • Double tine design: The double-layer pointed tooth design can clean the dog¡¯s teeth like a human toothbrush, making the dog¡¯s teeth cleaner and giving the dog a pair of brighter teeth!
  • 360 molar bump: The molars have high convex points, 360¡ã full-enclosed molar convex points, two different convex methods can meet the different positions of the dog¡¯s mouth, and the teeth cleaning effect is good.
  • Comes with a ball rope: The toy is equipped with a ball rope, which can serve as a training ball, and can interact with people and dogs to enhance the feelings of dogs.
  • Super powerful suction cup design: The powerfully enlarged suction cup will not let the dog open easily, can make the dog more interested in toys and improve the dog's intelligence.
  • Built-in sounding bell: There is a bell that can make a sound inside the toy, which makes a sound to attract the dog's attention and increase the dog's interest in the toy.