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Cat & Dog Toy Feeder, Interactive Dog Treat Ball Fly Disc Toy IQ Treat Training Bite Resistant Pet Tumbler Toy Puzzle Dog Slow Feeder for Medium Large Dogs

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  • NATURAL RUBBER: The Interactive dog toy balls made of natural soft rubber material, gentle to the dog's gums that ensure your dog can play and chew it safely.
  • FUNNY FORAGING TOY: this food dispenser can let dogs & cats see, smell, hear it and found the snacks in side. It can stimulate the pet's appetite and interest.
  • SLOW FEED PET BOWL: Putting a porting of pet food in this toy, they will have no choice but eat what is dispensed. They needs more work and physical activity to get food by themselves. Their hard work will be rewarded with food coming out of the feeder. This toy can slow down pet feeding and prevent pet from digestion, bloating and obesity.
  • NOT ONLY A FOOD FEEDER: The tumbler design is good for dogs and cats to play while eating food. It helps to reduces pet's destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise, while maintaining the alertness of pet bodies, and satisfying their hunting instinct.
  • GREAT PET BOWL SET: Unscrews the lid to add food or treats. Clean with warm sudsy water part by part. Rinse and dry before filling food.

The toy has a food leakage hole,which allows The pet to eat during the playing process and continuously attracts the pet’s attention. Made of anti-bite material for pets, it can resist the bites of large dog.