Leather Cartridge Holder Handmade Pouch

  • Crafted out of top quality genuine leather, these cartridge holders are made to last.
  • Leather is soft and has a matt rustic look.
  • Chrome plated steel hardware is extremely durable and resistant to rust.
  • Leather pouch comes with two slits on the back that will hold it tightly on your belt.
  • This item is available in one size.
Product description

This cartridge holder is made out of soft full grain genuine leather in black and brown combination with rustic matte finish. Leather is soft but durable, it is designed to last you for years and withstand rough conditions of the wilderness. Leather has a water repellent coating, so your ammo will be safe from rain and moisture.

You can carry up to 8 of 20 gauge cartridges in this cartridge holder. It allows easy access and secure transportation. Leather is sturdy so it holds its shape well. Heavy-duty chrome plated steel hardware is highly durable.

It accommodates belts that are up to 1 3/4 inches (4,5 cm) wide.

This cartridge holder has the following measurements: length – 8,5 inches (21,59 cm), width – 1 inches (2,5 cm), height – 3 inches (7,62 cm). Ref 10152.

It’s available in black with brown details and brown with black details.

Properties Features
Fits Caliber 20 Ga
Color Brown/Black
Material Genuine Leather
Color Variations
Leather Belt Cartridge Shell Holder Handmade Double Pouch for Shotgun Rifle 20 Gauge Cartridges Black Brown
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