Genuine Leather Rifle Belt Embossed Hunting Strap Adjustable Shooting Sling Black

  • Crafted out of top quality genuine split leather, these leather belts are made to last.
  • Leather is sturdy and robust, has beautiful embossed pattern design.
  • Chrome plated steel hardware is extremely durable and resistant to rust.
  • Comes in black and brown color.
  • This item is available in one size.
Product description

This handcrafted embossed belt is made out of genuine split leather, which is thick and durable. It is designed to last you for years and withstand rough conditions of the wilderness.

This item allows secure and comfortable transportation of your firearm.

We use extra sturdy double-layered leather and heavy-duty chrome plated steel hardware, which ensure that this belt is highly durable.

This leather belt has the following measurements: length –  37 1/2 to 39 1/2 inches (95 to 100 cm). Width is 1 3/8 inches (3,5 cm). Width of the end that fixes to swivel – 5/8 inches (1,5 cm). Ref 5013

It’s available in black and brown color.

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Color Black
Material Genuine Leather
Price from $19.99
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