Leather Basket Muzzles for Dogs

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Basket Muzzles for Dogs of Different Breeds

Our basket muzzles are available in sizes ranging from 2XS to XL, so they are fitting for dogs of different breeds and sizes. We offer muzzles for Jack Russell, Dachshund, German Shepherd, Caucasian Shepherd, Doberman, Pit Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Boxer and other dog breeds. Note that they are also suitable for dogs with similar snout shape.

These muzzles for dogs have different shapes and measurements so even if you can’t find a muzzle for your specific breed, with properly taken dog measurements you can pick a suitable muzzle for your pet.

The construction of these dog muzzles for biting allows good air ventilation, protection against bites, trash eating and many more. Made out of stainless steel wire, it is highly durable and holds it’s shape well.

Get a Comfortable Well-Constructed Dog Muzzle

Due to its material this muzzle for dogs is resilient to rust and corrosion. Leather buckles with several adjustment points will help you fit this muzzle snugly onto your pet’s head. If properly adjusted, it holds in place and will not fall off during various activities. Chrome plated steel buckles are durable.

On the top of the dog muzzle from the inside there is a cushioned leather strap that allows comfortable and secure fit and stops the muzzle from rubbing against your pet’s snout.

To choose a properly fitting muzzle you should take two measurements: the length and circumference of your dog’s snout.