Traffic Short Leashes / Leads

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Short Leash for Dogs and Puppies

Traffic dog leash is mainly used with large dogs. It will help you in multiple daily situations when you need to keep your dog close, for example when crossing the street or walking through a crown.

This short leash consists only of a handle, so it needs to be comfortable to hold, but it also has to be durable because large dogs are not easy to hold. We Make these short dog leashes out of highly durable sturdy black leather on the outside and pad them with soft bright-colored leather on the inside. This way you get a long lasting but comfortable short leash for dogs.

High Quality Stylish Traffic Dog Leash

Traffic leashes are available in eight different colors for the base of the leash – red, beige, blue, green, orange, purple, pink and yellow, and black color for the top.

To make these dog traffic leashes we use we use heavy-duty solid brass hardware that id highly durable and stylish.

We also offer collars padded and braided collars in the same colors so you can combine the two and get a great looking set.