Adjustable Dog Leashes / Leads for Pets

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Adjustable Dog Leash for Walks and Training

The thought-out construction of this leash will allow you to use it as a tandem leash, training leash, everyday leash, hands free leash and over the shoulder leash.

Unlike regular leashes, these multi purpose dog leads are equipped with two snap locks and 3 O-rigs, which are spaced evenly throughout the leash. 

This leash comes without a handle. To create a handle, you hook the snap lock to an O-ring, which creates a loop. The size of the loop and the total length of the multi function dog leash depend on which O-ring you use.

We make these leashes using high quality natural cowhide, which makes them very strong and resistant to pulling.

Adjustable dog leashes are available in polished chrome plated steel and solid brass hardware that will not rust overtime. Choose the look that you think works best with the offered colors.

Versatile Multi Function Dog Leashes

These multi purpose dog leads are perfect for daily during walks or training. Both snap locks are equipped with a swivel that rotates and keeps the leash from tangling up.

We also offer a wide selection of dog collars to match these adjustable dog leashes, so you can get a desired pairing. 

Leash length is regulated from 4 ft (122 cm) 6 ft (183 cm).

Multi function dog leashes are available in black, light brown, dark brown, turquoise, blue, green, red, white, yellow, pink and purple.