Padded Leather Leads / Leashes for Dogs and Puppies

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Soft Padded Leather Leash for Your Dog

Here you can find our top quality padded leather leashes for dogs. They are made of full-grain sturdy natural leather and padded with soft leather for maximum comfort.

These leather leashes for dogs are equipped with a snap lock on one end and a padded handle on the other. To make these leashes we use solid brass heavy duty hardware, so they are highly durable.

Padded leather leash in available in brown and black. The handle comes in red, beige, blue, green, orange, purple, pink and yellow. Brass hardware compliments these colors beautifully.

This leather dog leash is stitched all the way through with a thread that matches the color of the padding – this subtle detail makes this leash look extra interesting.

Best Leather Dog Leash for Daily Use

When looking for the best leather dog leash, remember that it should feel comfortable in your hand and also be lightweight, as you probably walk your dog every day and don’t need to carry unnecessary weight.

This leather dog leash has a lightweight construction and is comfortable due to padding, which makes it a good choice if you are looking for an everyday leash.

If you like the look of this leash, we also recommend matching collars – our padded leather collars and collars with braided design will make a perfect match to this leash.