Durable Pet Leashes for Dogs and Puppies

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Best Leashes For Dogs Come In All Shapes And Styles

Leashes for dogs play an important part in your pet's safety. When you’re selecting this useful accessory pay attention to the purpose of the leash, it’s type, design and material. It is necessary to understand that the properly selected leash will help to make daily walks with your pet comfortable and pleasant.

We offer several types of durable dog leashes:

  • classic leashes;
  • short traffic leashes;
  • chain leashes;
  • multifunctional leashes;
  • leash couplers.

Classic leashes are basic leather leashes with a snap lock on one end and a handle on the other. Here you can also get a leash with padded handle.

A short leash consists of a handle – an elongated loop with a snap lock. These leashes are used mostly as large dog leashes for walking your pet in a crowded place and when it’s necessary to keep it close by, for example while crossing the street. When this leash is no longer needed it can simply be put in the pocket, since it does not take up much space.

Coupler is a leash for two dogs. It is a double leash connected by a O-ring with a snap lock on each end. Usually used for exhibitions or short walks.

Chain leash looks very elegant. The length of the chain usually doesn’t exceed one and a half meters or five feet. Chain lead can be used to teach your pet not to chew on a leash. They can also double as dog training leashes.

Multifunctional leashes are very versatile – you can adjust their length from four to six feet and also use them as leash couplers or training leather leashes.

Use Your Pet Leashes Wisely

We suggest that you don’t allow your dog to play with a leash or collar, otherwise all these accessories will be chewed and torn. And you should never punish the dog with a leash – the dog should not be afraid of it, it should only associate with fun outdoor activities.