Personalized Leather Dog Collars with Custom Engraving

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Stylish Leather Personalized Dog Collars

Here you can find personalized collars for dogs in different styles, color combinations, sizes and for different purposes. Get a classic personalized leather dog collar with nameplate for daily wear, martingale or dog choke collar for training and a fancy braided, spiked or studded collar for special occasions.  

Leather personalized dog collars are useful items that every dog enthusiast should have, but especially so if you occasionally walk your dog without a leash. Even the calmest and most disciplined dog can sometimes run off and leave you worried for its safety, but knowing that your contact information is on your pet’s collar at all times, you can feel more hopeful to get your buddy back.

We use heavy-duty solid brass and stainless steel nameplates that are attached to each collar with two rivets. Such ID tags are great because they don’t dangle during running or playing, therefore cause no discomfort to both you and your pet and are not easily lost.

Personalized Pet Collars for Big and Small Dogs

You can get a leather dog collar personalized with a nameplate in sizes ranging from 2XS to 4XL, so a perfect fitting collar is easy to find.

We can engrave up to 4 lines of text on the nameplate depending on its size. Please note that size of the nameplate depends on the size of the collar.

It’s a good idea to engrave your contacts, address, pet’s name and microchip number or any other information of your choice.