Leather Martingale Dog Collars

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Handmade Martingale Dog Collars for Training and Outdoor Fun

Martingale collars for dogs are a great training tool. They are commonly used by dog owners to correct pet misbehavior and improve discipline.

If you’re not sure if you need a dog martingale collar, try looking for the following signs:

  • dog vigorously tugs and pulls on a leash during walks;
  • dog tries chasing cats and ignores your command to stop.

If you notice such behavior and want to get rid of it, you might want to consider getting yourself one of our martingale training collars. Keep in mind that such habits are dangerous because you might not be able to hold on to your pet and it may run away or end up on the driveway.

You probably wonder how martingale dog collars can help in the situations mentioned above. When dog pulls on the collar it tightens around it’s neck, creating discomfort, but for the discomfort to go away dog needs to stop pulling. After several cases, your pet will learn that pulling doesn’t feel good and the habit of suddenly taking off will break.

Stylish Padded Personalized Martingale Dog Collars

Here you can buy martingale collars personalized with a stainless steel nameplate. We can engrave up to 4 lines of text on the nameplate depending on its size. Please note that size of the nameplate depends on the size of the collar.

It’s a good idea to engrave your contacts, address, pet’s name and microchip number or any other information of your choice.