Dog Choke Collar

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Comfortable Choke Collars for Dogs that Pull

Choke collars for dogs are collars that consist of a single loop with an O-ring on each end. Some dog owners use such a collar as an everyday collar, but most experts suggest that it should only be used during training and then replaced with a regular collar.

We make dog choke collars out of two layers of full-grain genuine leather. For the top layer we use thick, sturdy and highly durable leather. We pad it with soft leather that is gentle against the skin and causes no irritation. Heavy-duty steel O-rings and rivets are used to make sure that you get a long lasting item.

Choke dog collars are intended for discipline training. Some dogs tend to tug and pull on the leash during walks or can take off unexpectedly. This is dangerous because the dog might get lost or injured in the process. Dog choke collars create a choking effect – when your dog tries to run away, such collar tightens around it’s neck, creating discomfort.

This collar sits loosely when not pulled on. The O-rings intersect, holding it securely in place. Keep in mind that this collar shouldn’t sag more than 2 or 3 inches when loose, or your dog might lose it.

Please note that, unlike regular collars, you put choke collars on by slipping them over your dog’s head. This is why you need to measure the circumference of your dog’s head rather than neck in order to pick a suitable size.

Dog Choke Collars with Custom Engraving

Here you can buy choke dog collars personalized with a stainless steel nameplate. We can engrave up to 4 lines of text on the nameplate depending on its size. Please note that size of the nameplate depends on the size of the collar.

It’s a good idea to engrave your contacts, address, pet’s name and microchip number or any other information of your choice.